Mayhem Affiliate Bodybuilding 4/25/2024

CrossFit 804 – Mayhem Affiliate – Bodybuilding



Thursdays in Mayhem Bodybuilding normally include a monostructural (cardio) section and a metabolic conditioning (metcon) section.

Both sections will have certain functional fitness elements in their base programming to allow CrossFit athletes exclusively following the Bodybuilding track to touch on this style of training once a week.

Listen to your body and perform the cardio section each week as part of the regular Bodybuilding programming. If you are feeling good after the cardio section and want additional training or have a desire to keep the rust from forming on your CrossFit skills, include the metcon section in your routine as well.

Warm-up (No Measure)


5 min Single/Double Unders


5 rounds of Rowling

(5 max penalty Burpee Box Jump Overs)

Monostructural (4 Rounds for time)

Every 5 minutes for 4 sets:

50 Double Unders

250/200m Ski

50 Crossover single unders

250/200m Ski

Athletes Notes


Athletes should pace each set with the same amount of intensity.

The double unders and crossovers should be done unbroken.

If an athlete is not great at double unders, they should scale to an amount that they can complete within :45 seconds.

Controlling the heart rate is important for this workout.

Double Unders


Scale to 2x the Single Unders for both movements if needed!!!


0:00 – 5:00 Complete 50 double unders, 250m ski, 50 crossovers, 250m ski

5:00 – 10:00 Repeat for set 2, rest remainder of the time

10:00 – 15:00 Repeat for set 3, rest remainder of the time.

15:00 – 20:00 Repeat for set 4

See Scaling and Sub Document HERE for calorie conversion chart and recommended substitution options!!!

Metcon (4 Rounds for calories)

4 sets:

2 min AMRAP

10 Power Snatches (75/55)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

Max Cal Bike Erg

-rest 2 min b/t sets-

Athletes Notes


Athletes should aim to finish each set with the same amount of calories.

The snatches should be done unbroken and the burpees should be done at a smooth place to allow for the most amount of time on the bike.

Power Snatch – can sub with Double Dumbbell Snatch if needed

Bar Facing Burpees

Sub the bike erg calories with another machine if needed.


0:00 – 2:00 10 Power Snatch, 8 Bar Facing Burpees, max cal bike erg in time remaining.

2:00 – 4:00 Rest

4:00 – 6:00 Repeat for set 2

6:00 – 8:00 Rest

8:00 – 10:00 Repeat for set 3

10:00 – 12:00 rest

12:00 – 14:00 Repeat for set 4

See Scaling and Sub Document HERE for other recommended substitution options!!!

Cooldown/Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min Couch Stretch (each side)

1 min Pigeon Pose (each side)

1 min Quad Smash (each side)

1 min Double Banded Overhead Shoulder Distraction + Curtsy (each side)

Athlete Notes

Couch Stretch

Pigeon Stretch

Quad Smash